Sunday, July 12, 2015


Hey Guys
So I've got some huge things to tell you this Sunday! If you follow me on my Instagram (liv.white14) then you may have noticed the hints I've been dropping in my last posts. It's going to be an exciting summer this year not only because I shall be going back to London for a few days, which i cannot wait for! And my other main summer holiday to Cornwall, but some other things will be happening also.
One of those may not be as exciting for all of you, as it will be for me, but none the less I will still share. I will be changing bedrooms but of course still in my same house, I'm not moving away quite yet! Yes, as I may or may not have mentioned in the past, I'm currently downstairs in my house which happens to be the smallest bedroom in the house. By no means does this make it the worst! I absolutely love my tiny box bedroom, but I always love a good change, which reflects in the way I've managed to find numerous ways of how I've switched up this tiny space! I will be moving up to what has been in the past, my parent's bedroom and my sister's bedroom and recently for the past four years has been my mum's workroom. But because she is stopping her trade of interior design, this means I am able to move back upstairs which is super exciting because it means i get to play around with even more space!
If you guys want a separate in depth post about my room swapping and the reasons behind be sure to let me know!
The next announcement may not be happening for a while but is still a huge and exiting thing so I'm going to tell you now. I'm going to starting my own business! I know crazy right! All the details are not quite worked out yet but it's getting there and I assure you that you'll be the first people to know about it when it's set up properly, but for now, lets just say i'm asking around for what sort of phones you guys have...
Lastly, the thing you may get most excited about and will be happening mega sooon... I'm starting YouTube!!!!! Yes, it's official, my first video will be up NEXT SUNDAY! I know so soon. I'm going to be doing a Q&A which seems fitting, so you guys can leave questions here or over on my Instagram or both! Also I will be VLOGGING when I go to London which is so insane, then again probably not.
Okay, so to conclude this extremely long chatty post, (which is kinda good because my friend said she wanted one where I just rambled on for ages) if I haven't said enough times already I'M SUPER EXCITED for everything it seems. I'm looking forward everything and I hope you guys are too, probably just not like a over excitable puppy like me.
You'll see me for real on your screens next week if there isn't a post from me before then, but for now I hope your all well and happy and enjoying the summer because who ever you are and where ever you are, you deserve it.
Sending my love, Liv xoxo