Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Haul

~Heyy Guys~
Yesterday i did a spot of Summer shopping, here's what i got.
Liv xoxo
Miss Selfridge
On sale 
Original ~ £30 
Sale price ~ £15

River Island
Purple ~ £16
Orange ~ £2

Forever 21
~ £8.75

Forever 21
~ £9.75

New Look
~ £17.99

~ £10 

Bank Fashion
~ £25

River Island
~ £35

River Island
~ £8
Ego (If you live near Manchester, it's a shop in the Arndale but you can find them in various other shops)
~ £25

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wedding Outfit

~Heyy Guys~
A couple of weeks ago i went to a friend of mine, uncles wedding and i thought i'd shared with you photos of my outfit, hair and makeup.

(Don't know why my lips are this colour i wasn't wearing any lipstick)

Dress- Next
Shoes- Newlook
Nail Polish- Primark
Makeup- MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
Necklace- ASOS Marketplace
Earrings- Claires
Bag- River Island

Liv xoxo

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring New Products 2014

~Hey Guys~
So i've just been looking on some makeup websites and there seems to be a LOT of new products coming out for spring and they all look amazing. I'll just give you pictures and a little caption for them all and which websites there from.
Look like he baby lips have some serious competition! These are from Barry M and come in 5 different shades of pink, much like the limited edition Pink'd line baby lips launched last month in the US. £3.49
This limited edition eye shadow palette from Sleek has perfect spring colours and we all know Sleek does a very good job with its eye shadows. £7.99
Kate Moss has come out with more than just lipsticks now. Is it just i repackage of the original Rockin' Curves? Who knows, we'll have to find out. £7.49
Whoa these are lip products, not nail polish. You might want to keep these in a place where you know your not going to get them confused with your nail polishes cause you don't want to end up with nail polish on your lips and these lacquers on your nails! £5.99
New mascaras from Bourjous- yes please! Comes in both waterproof and non. Has straight and spherical brushes? £9.99
 Defiantly a wonder bronzer. 3 in 1 contour, highlight and all over glow perfect to travel with. £11

Hope your enjoyed this new product hunt should i do one for summer?
Liv xoxo

My Favorite Spring nail colours

~ Heyy Guys~
These are three of my favorite colours that i'm loving wearing this spring.
The first one is Barry M's Gelly nail paint in Prickly Pear and of course i had to get it in my favorite colour. Although i must say it does take quite a long time to dry so i wouldn't recommend this one if your extreamly impatient!
Second one is MUA's Pistahio Ice Cream and let me tell you now, this colour is amazing and guess whats even better, its only £1! Yes you heard me i saw it and i was like come on a pound it cant be that good, but i was pleasantly surprised. You need a couple of coats, but you do with all polishes and it dries fairly quickly and lasts for a good few days.
Lastly is a Topshop nail polish from their matte line and it's the perfect sky blue. The shade is Whisper and its about £6 i think. I was on the hunt for matte nail polishes and this was before Barry M came out with (i'm very excited to try the summer shades from the line!) so i snooped around and found these in Topshop, i also picked up drink pink and that one is a bright fuschia. I love these but now i'm sure you can cheaper alternatives because i'm not really one to splurge on nail polish.

What are some of your favorite spring colours?
Liv xoxo

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream

~Heyy Guys~
I picked up the Nivea Day Cream because i was looking for something light coverage that i could wear everyday for school. This isn't it. I mean i would not class this as a moisturizer at all, it's anything but moisturising. It looks orange on my face, i'm not sure whether they do more than one shade- i dont think they do, only natural. I can work with it but who really wants that? If your going to buy a tinted moisturizer, you want it to be both in one step. if it doesn't do that, whats that actual point in the product. It doesn't apply evenly across my face, it looks almost cakey- god knows how when its labelled as a tinted MOISTURIZER! Goodness me. If anyone has any recommendations on a really good one that does both please for the love of Pete, let me know.
Liv xoxo