Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Travel- Cornwall 2016 Photo Dairy

Hey guys 

A tad late but here are the photos from my trip to Cornwall this year.

Liv x

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sleek 'Say The Magic Word' Holiday Gift Set Review

Hey guys

Its been a long long while hasn't it. 
I would reel off my excuses but tbh no one cares. But I'm back, who knows how long for because you know, life's unpredictable, so for now I'm going to say that I'm going to post as often as physically possibly for me. 
So to jump right back into it, I'm going to talk about my fave thing in the world to talk about, makeup. 

I picked up this super cute gift set in Boots the other week by Sleek and it's their 'Say the Magic Word' holiday liquid lipstick set. It intrigued me because 1. I've never tried their liquid lipsticks, 2. I'm a sucker for minis and thats exactly what they are being just 3ml (full size are 6ml which is very satisfying being exactly double) and 3. I wanted a red liquid for a night when I was heading out (spoiler I didn't even end up wearing it) and so this fell into my basket. 

The set, just £5, contains 4 shades from Sleeks Matte Me line. For me this is an absolute bargain because the full size Matte Me's are £4.99 on their own so to me its trying 4 shades for the cost of one.

But alas, there are always downfalls. The formula. Not the best ever. So when going on they can be quite patchy so it does take a while to get the perfect application, this means that you're going to get quite a bit of build up of the product on the lips. Although of course you can still do thin layer and it look okay. They take a bit longer than other liquid lipsticks I have to completely dry down which means you have to keep the lips from touching, making you look like and odd fish, or else the product will stick and come away leaving patches. To be completely honest, I don't think they dry down fully at all which is highly inconvenient when it says liquid lipstick you want a liquid lipstick that will not budge.

The overall wear time of these is not long at all, they begin to bleed outside the lip line after a few hours and if there is one piece of advice I give you when wearing these, is that NEVER eat sushi with them on your luscious lips. I don't know if it is applies to all foods or just delish Japanese, but it went EVERYWHERE, literally all over my face when I tucked into the little rolls of joy. 

So, to summerise, these Matte Me's are not suitable for long wear use, going to dinner use or kissing use as they will budge off your lips and onto areas around the face and/or objects touching the face.
Although they would be good for short term use i.e the snapchat selfie, the 20 min trip to Asda or the come downstairs and say hi to someone and then retreat to your room of sanctuary. 

I hope you found this little review nice if not helpful and I will see you when I see you,
Liv x

Below in order the shades are Rioja Red, Birthday Suit, Velvet Slipper & Old Hollywood.