Saturday, January 30, 2016

Travel- Marrakech October 2015 Photo Diary

Hey Guys
It's been a long time coming, but here it is finally! I've collected all of the photos and put them all into one post so they're all together in one place. I hope you enjoy reading travel posts as much as I do and I cannot wait to do more in the future.

That's just about everything I think...
Thank you so much for reading,
Liv xoxo

Saturday, January 2, 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2015 (and absence explanation)

Hey Guys
First of all, I want to apologise for my absence. It's been two months with not a single word from me on here and I owe you an explanation. Throughout November I was begrudgingly revising for trial exams (more of which I shall have to do this year) as I had at them in the beginning of December. Then December passed so quickly and before I knew it, Christmas had come and gone. I'm so sad that I didn't get to write any festive posts for 2015, but you know, sometimes life just gets in the way. By no means was the end of 2015 bad, even though it was a hard school period, I came across some absolutly incredible people, one of whom I've grown very close to. I feel as though in the last two months, the bond between me and my friends has just soared and I feel so incredibly lucky to have them in my life, I'd be so lost without them.
So now you know what my hectic life's been like for the past couple of months, I've decided I wanted to share with you what I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas. I know that my friends and family are extremely generous and I love them to pieces for spending their hard earned money on me (even though I don't tell them nearly as much as I should). I haven't even included all the pieces I received in this post which is ridiculous, I've already put them in places around my room. I'm super grateful for every single one of them and I know have the most amazing friends and family.

This was my main present this year, the thing I wished for most. I've wanted the Smoky palette since I first saw it many months ago when it was first released. I instantly fell in love and I couldn't be more happy now that I own it! My mum also picked out the Perversion mascara for me to try which I am extremely excited about.

I also received a Morphe brush set which I am more than excited to use when I start freelancing hopefully at some point this year (although I have used them already whoops). The Eco Tools set was from my Grandma which I'm going keep for personal use.

I've only ever dreamt about owning things from the body range at Victoria Secret. I now own the Acai scent in the body lotion, cream wash  and scrub wash which is more than i could've expected. So thank you mother, for knowing me incredibly well.

Now this is something I wasn't even looking for so I was utterly shocked when I opened this on Christmas Morning. When a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to try going freelancing professionally, my parents were obviously cunning enough to do some research into what was needed. This travel case comes with with different compartments and a huge space which I cannot wait to fill up with makeup to start travelling! I'm sure once I've got things going I'll do a post all about it.

From my aunty and uncle, I received the amazing Soap and Glory holiday gift set. I'm so looking forward to trying these products out as I've never tried ANY (I know, crazy) of their stuff before.

Another gift from my grandparents was the Snow Fairy gift set from Lush. You don't know my excitement to try the shower gel, even though it's my favourite scent by far from Lush, I've never tried it. The gift set also comes with a pink fun, which I've had before and I really liked. The other product from lush, I received from my mum, it's the Peeping Santa bubble bar, which I've also never tried before. 

The other thing I received from my Grandparents, is the Benefit selection box, which I believe was exclusive to boots. I've already tried (and love) most of the items in this, so those ones with go into my kit. The things I am going to try are the They're Real eyeliner and the Its Potent eye cream.

Moving onto what my best friend got for me, my absolute favourite person in the world who knows me better than I know myself. She gave me my fourth MAC lipstick in the shade Media, which I've been lusting after for, probably years now. I adore it and I'm so glad she bought me it to add to my collection.

The other things she got me is a notepad from Sighh Designs and a book, A Cat Called Alfie (since I raved about A Street Cat Named Bob she thought I might enjoy this one). The other book, The 5th Wave, my mum bought for me which I'm super excited to read (these type of books are my favourite) and the two weekly planners are also from her. The 2016 diary is from my grandma, she gets me one every year, and I think this years is going to be used to keep track of appointments. 

Finally from my other favourite person, he got me this gorgeous bracelet from Thomas Sabo, which I absolutely love. It's so perfect to go with what I usually wear and is adjustable which makes it perfect to fit my tiny wrist. 

So that's everything I received this Christmas. It's been a truly awesome year, and although I'm absolutely terrified for this year, I'm also very excited for what it has to hold.
Thank you so much for reading, whether it be just this post, or multiple ones from throughout the year.
Liv xoxo