Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring New Products 2014

~Hey Guys~
So i've just been looking on some makeup websites and there seems to be a LOT of new products coming out for spring and they all look amazing. I'll just give you pictures and a little caption for them all and which websites there from.
Look like he baby lips have some serious competition! These are from Barry M and come in 5 different shades of pink, much like the limited edition Pink'd line baby lips launched last month in the US. £3.49
This limited edition eye shadow palette from Sleek has perfect spring colours and we all know Sleek does a very good job with its eye shadows. £7.99
Kate Moss has come out with more than just lipsticks now. Is it just i repackage of the original Rockin' Curves? Who knows, we'll have to find out. £7.49
Whoa these are lip products, not nail polish. You might want to keep these in a place where you know your not going to get them confused with your nail polishes cause you don't want to end up with nail polish on your lips and these lacquers on your nails! £5.99
New mascaras from Bourjous- yes please! Comes in both waterproof and non. Has straight and spherical brushes? £9.99
 Defiantly a wonder bronzer. 3 in 1 contour, highlight and all over glow perfect to travel with. £11

Hope your enjoyed this new product hunt should i do one for summer?
Liv xoxo

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