Sunday, September 7, 2014

Birthday Lush Box

~Heyy Guys~
Yesterday was my birthday wooo!
One of my presents off my friends was a birthday lush box (here is the one i got) and i thought i do a little unboxing of it. I think you do get the same four products in all of them so if you happen to getting this box and want it to be a surprise then i recommend not reading the rest of this post.

First product is a bathbomb which is huge, this is Granny Takes a Dip. 
It is labelled as being ginger, pepper and lemon scented.

Second is a bathbomb again called Fizzbanger.
This is citrus apple, cinnamon and then apple pie..? It also has popping candy in it? Very curious...

Brightside is a bubble bar which is very citrusy.
Is contains sicilian mandarin, bergamot and tangerine oils.

Last one is also a bubble bar and this is The Comforter.
This smells of blackcurrant and also has bergamot in it.

Thats everything in the box, they were all packaged beautifully and i can't wait to use them all! So excite!

Liv xoxo

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