Sunday, October 5, 2014

Autumn Haul

~Heyy Guys~
So yes obviously i did some shopping and obviously i bought some things that were related to the season like everyone does. I got some little bits from Primark, Superdrug and Lush.
First place was Superdrug and we origionally went in for Zoellas new range, but of course they don't get it in until next week. So instead I got two thing from MUA, one of their nail polishes which i love in Plum Noir and one of their lip velvet's in Funk which i've wanted to try for a while because i've heard that it was a dupe for Lime Crimes Pink Velvet. Last thing was a lipstick from Beauty UK in Plumalicious which is the perfect berry lipstick for Autumn.

 Next, Primark and from here i only got two things, another pair of fluffy socks which are great and a tartan scarf which i've been hunting for for ages.
Lastly a stop at lush, where i swear to you i almost peed because literally they had just stocked all of their Christmas products! But sorry to disappoint, i didn't actually get any of them, sorrryy... Don't worry though once i do get the Christmas ones, their shall be a haul. I didn't want to get those ones because i thought that it was just just to early for them and that once Christmas does get nearer i would appreciate them more. Anyone get me? So moving on to the ones i did actually get, i got ones that to me smelled more Autumny, so they're all bath bombs and the first one is Cinders and technically this is a Christmas one but its so much more the Autumn and Bonfires than Winter and Christmas. Second is Butterbear this is a permanent collection one and this smells like Vanilla and i love that in Autumn. Lastly Twilight is also a permanent one and this has faint hints of lavender in it although i didn't realize it.

Liv xoxo


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