Sunday, June 7, 2015

Primark Haul!

Hey Guys
Yet another summer haul, but what can you do? All the items are from a recent trip to my local Primark.

~Top from Forever 21 last year~ ~Heels from New Look~

All shots by my friend Cara, find her on instagram & twitter @cara__rogers

Liv xoxo


  1. I literally have the exact stripy top however its from zara! Its soo nice, I love how you have paired each outfit. Might I add you are really pretty haha

    Ambra xo

    1. Ahh it's amazing what you can find in Primark! and thank you!! xx

  2. I'm loving all the tribal prints in this and how you managed to style them without them looking too over the top! I love that skirt at the top!
    Dalal x