Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hey Guys
I've not posted in what feels like forever and this is because I've been focusing on getting my Youtube channel up which it now has a few videos on so if you want to check it out just click here!
So finally a blogpost is here and I've decided to do a relaxing evening routine so i'm just going to go through what I usually do- of course this varies- when I decide to have a relaxing night.

Of course firstly I had a bath and I used some of the Big Bang bubble bar which I believe is an Lush Oxford Street store exclusive. Whilst I was in the bath, I watched some of the TV show 90210 which you can find on Netflix and I also planned out videos and posts for the next few weeks. Afterwards I changed into some really comfy clothes, the pants are from Primark. 

I hope you liked this relaxed post on what I get up to on my free evenings. 
Liv xoxo

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