Thursday, July 3, 2014

Garnier 2 in 1 Eye & Face makeup remover

~Heyy Guys~
Okay, so i do like this remover but it has its downfalls. I think its a genius idea to put a makeup remover and cleansing water in one bottle, but probably the reason why no one else has done this is because its not the most practical.
The blue is the makeup remover which sits on top of the the cleansing water which is the clear liquid. Because the blue sits on top of the clear, you have to shake the bottle every time you use it. You have to act fast once you've shaken it because the blue quickly resumes to the top so that may be off putting to some people.
It is slightly oily also, so if you tend to have naturally oily skin i don't think you'd want to put another oily feeling product onto it so you guys may want to skip this.

Overall it removes makeup well (even waterproof like it states), It dissolves mascara well and i usually only have to use one large oval cotton wool pad for my whole face.
Only thing im worried about is if i wait too long then pour it out i only get the blue makeup remover so will i use up the remover faster than the cleansing water? Who knows.
Liv xoxo

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