Saturday, July 19, 2014

Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Waterproof

~Heyy Guys~
I was looking for a waterproof mascara that i could wear whilst going to a water park and this one caught my eye. At first i was looking for the new pumped up one by Maybelline but i couldn't find it, so i decided to try this and lord behold this is the bomb. Yeah okay its another one from the family of colossal mascaras from Maybelline and i didn't like the cat eyes one i had, but that has kind of grown on me and this is completely different anyway....

The brush is quite large so you have to be careful not to get it everywhere although it helps that the formula is not at all wet, in fact it is on the dry side which doesn't help with the few clumps it has. 
The waterproof statement is completely true, this mascara wont budge off your lashes as i tested it this last week when i was away camping and had to wade through a river kayaking and canoeing (don't even ask). 

I feel like it separates and defiantly lengthens my lashes with just one coat and if i add more it gives me the volume. I find that waterproof mascaras tend to keep the curl of my lashes more so than regular formulas so i may be reaching for this one more often than my others.    

I've finished school for the summer now so i'll be posting more as soon as i get back from America!
Liv xoxo

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