Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blogmas Day 11: Reflection Thursday

~Heyy Guys~

I thought i'd do a little reflection post as it's an appropriate time right now. I think i'm just going to talk about being honest with yourself and not letting anyone get in the way of that. You need to be able to see yourself and be be completely happy with what you see, inside and out. I think that if you're feeling down about anything, you are the only one who has the power to change it and if that means moving around the people in your life then so be it.
So really, what i'm trying to say is that no matter who comes and goes in your life, you have to remember that you will always have yourself and that's the person you need to be in complete control of and be 100% honest to. If your in a tough situation right now you must sit down and think or talk, about what is best for you and how you can resolve it. Once you have gained confidence again , you'll feel so much happier and just you.
I hope this makes sense and doesn't look like one big ramble, i'm just trying to get across how i feel so it's kinda messy. I might do another in the near future but for now ill leave it at that.
Liv xoxo 

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