Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blogmas Day 16: Personalised and Thoughtful DIY Gifts

~Heyy Guys~

So the third an final part to my Christmas gift guide this year. I thought i'd go down the creative route and write a post that involved some more thoughtful gifts.
First is a website i've found called Getting Personal and this is such an awesome website, it has a huge range of gifts which you can choose a name or a photo for the chosen gift. It has reasonable prices and it is personalised and dispatched within 24 hours.

Second is a DIY that everyone's been going crazy for and its the gift in a jar idea. I think this is such a cute little gift to give someone and you can fill these jars absolutely anything! If you want to see any of these in depth i've pinned them all in my Christmas Gifts folder on Pinterest follow me www.pinterest.com/livwhite14
Boots also has a very good selection of personalised gifts www.boots.com/en/Gift/Boots-personalised-gifts/
Last one is a personalised gift hamper. Fill it with whatever theme you choose and stick a bow on it! Again all posts are saved in my Christmas Gifts on Pinterest www.pinterest.com/livwhite14
Liv xoxo

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