Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snow Day Fun

Hey Guys

Today I'm stuck at home because of the weather and i was thinking of things i could do to make use of this precious time. I thought I'd make a list on here in case anyone else was off or in case of future snow days.

#1 Firstly, snow days to me always mean baking. Later on i'm going to be baking a cake and i was thinking of recording the recipe on here since i always forget it, so it will be a good way of keeping track of it.

#2 Rearranging and tidying, whether it's your room, office, house or possibly even your blog! You may have noticed the newly added header i was successfully able to create last night thanks to a lot of researching and following steps precisely!

#3 Writing, maybe a story, blog posts or lists, i always find it useful to keep a pen and notebook handy as sometimes my mind wanders and ideas just come to me! I've managed to write a few posts today already which i'm super excited about!

#4 Working out, i know this may not be appeal to some, but those who do workout, i find it extremely rewarding doing the extra few crunches if i have the spare minutes- use your time wisely.

#5 Just watching a couple and i mean a couple of tv episodes of a show, i find it hard to fit in the time to just sit down and watch something. Although keep the urge back to watch a whole series in one day as afterwards you feel completely drained- well i know i do!

#6 Taking photos, i know i always take advantage of this as when i get home from school it gets dark soo early and i find it incredibly hard to take good well lit pictures, so whenever i'm home in the mornings i always take a few pictures.

I hope these helped if your stuck indoors and loads of posts have been written so lots of them will be coming soon!!!
Liv xoxo


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