Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to 2015

Hey Guys
This year has slipped away from us crazily fast, but just to let you know i am so ready for this new year.

Things i want to accomplish
  1. Finally work out how to change my layout of my blog, have a switch around and create a header and/or logo.
  2. Plan my posts much more carefully and thoroughly, i'm not fully okay with all my blogmas posts as i thought some of them were scruffy and not the best but i wanted to complete blogmas so this year i'm going to plan each and everyone of my posts to ensure that they are stretched to there full potential.. 
  3. Branch out in the subjects i talk about, maybe include more books and music.
Things i want to improve

  1. My hair care, seriously i hardly brush my hair which i know is terrible and i want to find something that helps my hair grow stronger, shinier and just generally healthier.
  2. My skincare, you see where this is going, i want to fall into a set routine that actually benefits my skin.
  3. My workout regime, i want to get my splits as well because some of you may not know but i am a dancer, even so i am the most inflexible person on this planet so i have a mission this year, if all else fails i want to get my splits.
  4. The amount of time which i spend reading, i used to be the right bookworm, i religiously read every single night before i went to bed , but now i can never find the time, either i too busy with school work, my social aspects or YouTube and blog reading. I guess there is some reading going on there but i miss reading a really good book so that's what i'm going to get back into this year.
As well if some of you follow me on Instgram (liv.white14) you may know that yesterday i made the decision to restart my feed and begin again with themed photos. At the time i started this account i had no idea what a 'theme' was, but now i realise its just making all the photos the same aesthetically. I chosen to try and keep my photos in a tumblr style theme. Of course they will all be my own photos and i will incorporate things i do and blog about as well.  

This year i also want to be so much more active and supportive of others. I want to comment more on others blogs, and on peoples photos on Instagram. I think its so important that we encourage one another, i want to make any place i enter a happy and positive place. I think that this is so important for our self esteem and confidence. The sort of world we live in now is doomed with all things negative and discouraging, i hope to make people in not only one a day smile. 

Also this year i hope to maybe, i'm not saying anything is definitely, start posting on YouTube. I love the idea of that and what an incredible thing that would be, yet another place for us to interact and make one another smile.

So until i speak to you next i hope you all have had an amazing start to 2015 and i wish everyone the best for it and that your new year is filled with joy and happiness as it should be. 

Liv xoxo

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