Friday, January 30, 2015

Feature Friday #1

Hey Guys
So i came up with this really cool idea (i know it's not totally original, but i'm all for it) at the end of each month i share my most favorite people on the internet that month. Either they made me smile, i enjoy their posts or just that i'm totally in love with everything about them. So we'll see how long i can keep this up for and if it goes well or not..
And yes this is totally like my last post but for some reason i couldn't include them on that post, so really this is just people I've been really liking whether they're small, big or whatever.

Jennifer Cooper
Ohmygoodness she is so sweet! She always likes all my photos and comments on Instagram and her blog is so amazing!
Instagram: jennifercooper99

Naomi Upton
She's the one who introduced me to the Liebster Award and she was so nice ta ask me if i would like to take part in it.
Instagram: naomi_alice

Gemma ie. Miss Makeup Magpie
I always thoroughly love to read her posts, she reviews loads of high end as well as drugstore products and thust her thoughts more than anyone.
Instagram: missmakeupmagpie

Cute Instagram
Mostly i just follow Julie on instagram but she does also have a blog, she writes the most inspirational paragraphs and her pictures are always so stunning.
Instagram: cuteinstagram

I hope you find these people and their work as amazing as i do.
Liv xoxo


  1. Aw Liv that's so sweet of you! Thank you for including me xxx