Sunday, February 22, 2015

My week in Snapshots Feb 16th- 22nd

Hey Guys
I don't know how well this has gone, i kinda forgot to take photos but i managed to get a few so i thought i'd still do this post anyway. All the photos are below and i thought i just give them all a little caption. 

Obviously if you didn't know by know i got my hair cut, yes seriously i did.

I stayed at my friends house since my parents decided to ditch me so her mum made us blondies.

We had a girly night and tried this delicious face mask and it told us to try not to eat it. 

Oh look more food, we made woopie pies and had a dinner of buttercream.

Back at home coco decided to make a fashion statement.

 I became the next Kylie.

And i tided my dressing table for a blog post hm hm...

 I hope you enjoyed these little snippets i hope next time i might be a little better at catching moments.
Liv xoxo


  1. Lovely post x I would like to invite you to my blog! I would be so happy if you could leave a comment on my recent post and follow me on my social networking sites!
    If you do it, let me know and ill return! xx

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  2. Lovely post, really like this idea!! 💖

    1. Thank you! Yeah i think its a good one! xx

  3. Lovely idea for a post Liv! That dog is so cute omg x

    1. Thanks Naomi and i know she is right! xx

  4. Nice Kylie Jenner look aha, the lush face masks are my faves! I'm so upset I didn't know about the blogger flash mob haha it looks like a fun idea
    Dalal xo ,

    1. Ahaha thanks! Ohhh what a shame I'm sure there'll be another soon xx