Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fitness Routine

Hey Guys
As i said in my Welcome to 2015 post, one of goals was to sort out a proper fitness routine and i'm pretty surprised i've got this far.

Just some rough details:
No my main goal is not to loose weight, but to tone.
I've have an extremely fast metabolism and i already do 4 and a half hours of dancing each week.
I still eat whatever the hell i want, for instance i had three pieces of cake in one day earlier this month.

I'm not saying that's good because it most defiantly is not and i think i would be so much better if i did eat healthy, i mean of course i would but i just can't at the moment and i think the reason in the future when i decide to crack down and do it properly will not be for fitness, but for my skin mainly.

Also i'm doing this for no one other than myself. I think its absolutely ridiculous to do so otherwise. YOU have motivation because YOU want the body that YOU worked for.

Well now those minor details are out of the way i'll show my planned routine that i spent a sick day at the very start of January doing.
I started on the first Monday which was the 5th and i've missed one day one the Seven app but i still managed to do my sit ups, so i'm pretty impresed!

I wrote it all down in my Frozen notebook and it started out looking like this:
But now since its the end of my first month of workouts, it now looks like this:

So yes, mega changes have been made but i'm still sort of happy with what i'm left with.
The two apps i've been using are Seven and 30 day ab workout, Seven can be found on android and apple but the 30 day challenge is only available on apple but there are other variations for android users.

Seven is truly amazing, i'd recommend to anyone. It monitors your progress and every second month you complete, you can unlock new specified workouts. It states that it takes 7 minutes but i'd set aside 10 and hence the name, the ultimate goal is to stay on the workout for seven months and as lengthy as that seems i'm already down one. You do 12 exercises each for 30 seconds with 10 second intervals- doesn't sound like a lot but trust me you feel it.

The second I've been doing is the 30 day ab workout, i'm sure everyone has herd of these but are possibly skeptical about it- i feel it does work to some extent. What i like about this particular app though is that i gives you six options and i'm determined to get though them all. There are also other apps that focus of other aspects from this company which i'm sure i will eventually try.

So as you can see i practically rely on these apps to keep my fitness routine going, i think that's mainly the part why my stretching didn't take off because i didn't have an app to push me. I know that sounds so weird but i want to do my workouts because i hate the fact that there'll be a gap on my progress. If anyone has any apps for stretching that are similar to these please let me know because i searched high and low for one but just couldn't find it.

I think that's all i've got to say for this right now, i think i'll be doing updates at the start of each month seeing how i get one and whats changed once again and if anything new occurs. Tell me what works for you, i love to know others routines.
Liv xoxo


  1. I love the 7 minute app, it's so quick but I feel like I've worked out for ages after doing it, cool post! :) maybe you could show us your workout music playlist?

    Dalal x,